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Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal


Love poem

The Eden

The Eden, watercolor on A3 Paper.
Available for sale.
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I Decided To Travel

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I decided to travel to the endless seas,
I wanted to be everywhere there was to be
Before the time runs out.
One day I will end up in the ground
That’s when I will settle down.

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Sunshine Things



Little words you say so playfully,
Little things you do unknowingly,
Little things of little consequences,
Sometimes they touch me
like a winter breeze,
Not at once but slowly
Everything turns cold
My skin, my heart even my smile
And sometimes they seep
In my skin like soft sunlight
The ice starts melting
The winter ends there
And just like that
Spring arrives. Continue reading “Sunshine Things”

This Time When You See Me


This time when you see me
Take gentle steps, walk towards me
Slowly and intently.

How long I will have waited to see you,
So when I see you let me see you,
Let me see you see me
With that love in your eyes
That you once saw me with. Continue reading “This Time When You See Me”



You asked me to pour my heart out.

I poured my heart into a glass,
An intense cocktail of bittersweet feelings
Set on fire.
I knew it was not everyone’s cup of tea.

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The Person

Maybe it was you
Or it was the time
Maybe it was just chance
But for whatever reason
I have chosen you

To be the thing,
The cause, the person
I will destroy myself 
In the name of
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Of course, I Miss You!

I might have stopped needing you
Your attention, your time, to love you
Honestly, that’s a liberating feeling,
But it’s not because I love you less
It’s because I am teaching my heart
To need less and love more,
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Forever For A Day


My eyes couldn’t rest all night
The dreams didn’t let them
My heart kept longing for you
Sleeping right by your side
Even though you held me close
My heart kept longing for more

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Our Parallel Realities



What if it’s all just a work of fiction,
What if it’s just a story that I am telling myself,
So I can feel good, so I can feel something.
What if everything I consider real and meaningful
Is something trivial exaggerated by my mind, a soft lie.
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