Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



Phases of The Moon

Phases of Moon (water colour on paper)

Phases Of The Moon

Luminous, breathtaking, yet humble
So delicate, yet so strong in your reform,
Flawed yet magnificent like the moon
Showering the world with all the light you can reflect
Softened, sweetened and strained by your soul,
Keeping your dark sides to yourself
Even when the nights swallow you whole.

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White Stag

Watercolor & gold leaf on paper (A1)
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Freedom Demands sacrifice


Dancing light of a half eaten moon,
Trapped inside a dirty old bottle,
locked with a tottery bottle cap
Eager to break free from the trap.

One shudder and the bottleā€™s down,
All that light spilling on the ground,
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