Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal




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You Are Who You Want To Be



Greatness simmers in my blood and then goes away. There are moments of clarity when I see things clearly and then everything becomes out of focus, messy. There are flashes of profound awareness and then vague cluelessness returns. An uncontrolable drive, a passion flickers and then dissapears.

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Infinite Numbers

Pick a number, they said
So he started counting in his head
One two three four five six
Kept going, he had to know all his options
To know which one was his perfect bet.

The thing about numbers is that
They are infinite, after counting for years
You finally realize you can’t know it all,
See it all, try it all or be it all
To know for sure which one to pick.
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A Snowy Day

Little pieces of clouds
Falling from the sky
Covering all I see In a
white blanket of snow.

As I see from the window
The valley turns white
Like a blank canvas,
The world a blank page.

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