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Floating Consciousness

Dropping my masks,
Skin and flesh too,
And the skeleton.

I am now brain,
and heart,
and liver, and pancreas.

Everything inside so mechanical,
Every feeling a chemical,
As if what I am
Is a mathematical equation,

So I drop those too
My brain, my heart,
My liver, my pancreas.

I am now a floating consciousness,
Not dependent on any life functions,
Neither needing anything,
Nor influenced by everything,
Just pure floating consciousness.

I wonder what would it feel like,
Would it feel like nothing,
Or would it feel like everything,
Or are nothing and everything the same thing.



 Photographer unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2020, Niharika Jaiswal


A bee sat on a flower,
A soft pink fading into shades of white flower,
Gentle and fragile and full of life flower.
It wasn’t what the flower wanted,
But as the bee took it’s nectar and left
Leading the flower to its withering and eventual fruition,
Continue reading “Be.”

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