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30 Day Emotional Detox​ – Day 6. 1001 Followers!!!


Thank you! Thank You to all one thousand and one of you!

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Let’s Connect – October, 2017

Hi Dear Bloggers!

They say we only grow by growing others. I have been meaning to create this section for a while now, A place where we all can connect on a more personal level and encourage the blogs and bloggers we admire.

My blog has recently turned one and as of today I have 638 followers and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support. Many of you have inspired me with you work and many of you have encouraged and supported me at every step of the way, you have kept me going and striving to do better. There were times when some of you shared with me how my posts and poems helped you, moved yo or just made you realise something new, those were the times when my blog served its purpose. For all of this I thank you and cherish you with all my heart and dedicate this section to you.
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Holy Shit!!! I Won..!


I woke up and checked the results today they had posted three lists of winners- Outstanding Awards, Commendation Awards & Participation Awards, and my heart sank when none of them had my name.

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