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Shifting To Your Perfect Parallel Reality

In my last post, I talked about the philosophy of parallel realities. If you have not already read that, click here – Parallel Reality Simplified and come back to read this post so it makes better sense.

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Parallel Reality Simplified

Imaging that your life is like a movie made up of billions, trillions, gazillions of picture slides, a film roll made up of gazillion pictures. Every single picture on this film roll is a different reality. The present (the now) is the screen on which these pictures are displayed. Every time a new picture is displayed, the present shifts to a different reality.  Continue reading “Parallel Reality Simplified”

My Story On The Secret Website


We have all tried to understand the effect of positive thinking and law of attraction since the movie “The Secret” came out. Over a period of time, I have developed my own understanding of it. Nine months ago, while I was traveling through Rajasthan, I was sitting on the window of an old fort in Udaipur, looking at an aerial view of the valley and the little houses there, contemplating my approach to life. The sun started to set and I felt a calm sweep over me as I looked at the crimson sky,  I realised a couple of things that day. Continue reading “My Story On The Secret Website”

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